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Meet the  managers of MBM Capital Fund I.  We specialize in the acquisition and operation of multifamily properties for long term capital appreciation in a diversified asset class.

Jason Bailey, DO

Jason Bailey is co-founder and managing partner of Maven Connection LLC. He is a board-certified phy

Jason Bailey is an infectious disease physician who currently practices in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Jason serves on the board of the Fort Wayne Positive Resource Connection (formerly known as the AIDS Task Force), where he started a free clinic to care for uninsured and underserved HIV populations. He has extensive training in the acquisition and management of commercial multifamily investment properties. Jason is co-founder of Maven Connection LLC, a multifamily real estate company. He is excited to share his wealth of knowledge with passive investors to help them achieve long term wealth.  

Rob Gaines

Rob Gaines has a background in residential real estate, business management, and is currently a Seni

Rob Gaines has a background in residential real estate and business management, and he is currently a Senior Software Engineer for Agile Transformation Inc., a business agility analytics company. He leads the development of software systems to measure the health of high functioning companies, products, and system outputs. He brings a highly specialized knowledge of software systems and business operations analytics to the company.  He co-founded Monolith Property Group with his brother Andrew to provide diversification for investors into stable, multifamily investments. 

Andrew Gaines, MD

Andrew Gaines is a practicing head and neck oncology and reconstructive surgeon. He is currently an

Andrew Gaines is a practicing head and neck oncology and reconstructive surgeon in Denver, Colorado. In addition to his medical degree he earned a bachelor’s in business administration and a master’s in biomedical ethics. He has participated in multiple apartment syndications and has ownership in a portfolio of over 1,000 units. He formed Monolith Property Group to bring real estate investing opportunities to his physician colleagues and others. He believes the attractive risk-adjusted returns of commercial multifamily real estate make it an essential part of wealth creation and preservation.

Joe Pendon, MD


Joe Pendon attended the U.S. Air Force Academy and then served a combined 22 years in the Air Force and Air National Guard. Prior to his military retirement, he served overseas tours in South Korea, Germany and the Middle East. He is board certified in Emergency Medicine with a subspecialty in Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine. Following active duty, he served as the Emergency Department Medical Director for his local hospital, where he was Chair of the Medicine Department and the Trauma Medical Director.  Joe formed Banner Holdings to give others the opportunity to invest in real estate as well. He believes passive income is the way to achieve true financial freedom.