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Banner Holdings Real Estate Investment Group

We are a private equity firm whose focus is to buy, manage and hold multifamily apartment assets to deliver strong, stable returns to our investors. We believe multifamily real estate delivers above average returns, has an attractive risk profile, and provides tax benefits not available with traditional stock and bond investments. We invest in strong markets with conservative  underwriting in order to provide our clients with equity growth over the long term. 


Multiple ways to generate income

Generate equity growth through cash flow distributions, appreciation of the asset, and principal pay down by tenants. Learn more


Participate in passive, fractional ownership of apartment communities

Allows the benefits of real estate without the hassles of being a landlord. That is, you earn passive income without having to spend your time managing tenants or making repairs.

why multifamily real estate - our core beliefs


Real estate is a wealth builder

Many wealthy individuals have made or preserve their wealth through real estate. Real estate builds wealth better than any other investment vehicle.

Strong risk adjusted returns

When compared to other asset classes, real estate achieves stronger returns with less relative risk.  Learn more

Lower volatility than the stock market

Since the Great Depression, real estate has had a lot fewer down years than the stock market. Furthermore, there is little correlation of real estate with the stock market. Learn more

Demographics favor apartments

Home ownership in the U.S. has been on the decline over the past decade. Meanwhile the demand for apartments is growing along with the overall population. The largest segment of the population is the millennial generation, of whom 60-70% are renters.  Learn more

Multifamily real estate is an evergreen investment

Shelter is a basic need, and there will always be a demand for clean, affordable housing. 

Multifamily real estate is tax incentivized

Real estate investing has tax advantages not available to traditional stock and bond investments. For instance, real estate allows for an accounting convention known as depreciation, which offsets the taxes paid on income generated.


You have the ability to "force appreciation" in commercial real estate

Commercial real estate is valued based upon the income produced. When you make improvements to the property to increase the overall income, you increase the value of the asset.

Strength of multifamily as an asset class

Multifamily real estate has a long track record of being the strongest performing real estate asset class.

Diversify your portfolio for strong returns

A portfolio with 20% real estate outperforms the returns of a typical 60% stock, 40% bond portfolio. 


Joe Pendon, MD


Founder, Banner Holdings

Dr. Pendon is a practicing emergency physician and the founder of Banner Holdings. He has invested in multiple apartment syndications and has ownership in a portfolio of over 2000 units. He believes passive income is the key to true financial freedom. Dr. Pendon is passionate about helping physicians and other professionals learn how to grow their wealth with multfamily real estate.